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Years ago, we looked for a home to our creative studio. When this old and venerable house came into our possession, we had a lot of space. And suddenly, we also had a retail space. Initially, we placed a few desks of our creative studio marcellini there. However, it is difficult to work when people are peering in, waving, or even entering the "shop" out of curiosity. That's why we returned the space to its original purpose – because a shop exists to be entered.

We started using it as a pop-up store. The first time, we showcased Japanese design, in the second pop-up we staged very colorful design pieces, by the third and fourth time internationally well collected design items. The customer feedback was great, really satisfying. That’s why we decided to permanently keep the store open.

As time went on, the proportion of art grew larger, and eventually, we didn't have enough space in the store. That was the moment we built the exhibition space in the backyard – we removed walls, even some necessary electrical wiring, and, last but not James, painted everything white.

And here we are today: with a bright and spacious exhibition room for staging emerging contemporary artists, a store where you can discover many beautiful and rare items, and an office that has been developing creative communication for brands for over 20 years. We call it The Yes World.